Solar for commercial and industrial installations

Solar rooftop and ground mounted for commercial installations can save unto 60% of annual power consumption and  replacement with green energy. Oakridge offers two implementation models - CAPEX and RESCO.

In the CAPEX model, the client makes the investment and Oakridge develops the project and provides long term maintenance for a fixed fee. In the RESCO model, Oakridge evaluates the customer for their creditworthiness and subject to fulfilment of criteria, makes the full investment for the solar plant. Oakridge charges the customer for each unit of power generated, over long-term power purchase agreements of 15, 20 or 25  years.


Our Customers Say

Best Solar installation company with professional knowledge of structural and electrical design, if you are going for rooftop solar Oakridge Energy is best for service and installation. Thanks, Mr Shobhit

Govind Kumar