How to read BSES Net Meter Bill
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December 31, 2019

How to read BSES Net Meter Bill

When you install your solar power plant, the local utility (say BSES) installs a net meter to calculate the solar power consumption. A net-meter is a bidirectional energy meter installed by DISCOMs to measure solar unit exported and energy imported by users. I.e., it can measure both your consumption, and your solar power generation. You will be billed only for the nett difference between the two. Net-metering has been introduced in many countries as a measure to make rooftop solar more accessible and clearly provide the benefits of solar power to the consumers.

By net-metering, the consumers can see direct saving in their electricity bill post installation of rooftop solar. However, many consumers find it difficult to read and understand the newly generated bill after net-metering. This post will help you to understand your bill completely. If they find any issue in their bill, they can take it up with BSES for correction. Some times, BSES makes mistakes in providing proper credit of solar power generated – for any doubts, you can also contact us to get your bill checked. We will tell you if your solar power generation benefit is clearly getting reflected in your bill.

Below is sample net meter bill from BSES with the key areas outlined. Upon installation of a net-meter, the bill comes in two pages instead of usual one page. The second page is the most important page where the break-up of your usage and generation is shown. Let us try to understand the fields/ details mentioned in your bill.

The first page of your electricity bill, with key areas marked out

The second page (below) comes along with all net meter bills. If you are not getting this annexure / page, you can raise a complaint or you can download your bill copy from BSES website ( If you don’t have login, you can create it yourself by following simple instructions.

Second page of bill – where net-metering is described.

The nett billed units (to the right side) is the difference between the imported (consumed) and the exported (solar units units. If the net difference is:-

  1. Positive – Energy consumption is more than your energy produced by rooftop solar system. You will be charged for the difference in units. The will charged as per the slab rate.
  2. Zero- Energy consumptions equals your solar production. You will be charged only for fixed charges.
  3. Negative- Energy consumption is less than energy produced by rooftop solar system. These units will be carried forward and adjusted in your future bills.

Now, let us calculate your total consumption in current billing. The formula to calculate your consumption in current billing period is as follows:

Total Consumption = Total Solar units generated for the billing period – total exported units + total imported units

If this is first bill after net meter installation then you can calculate your consumption by using below formula:

Total Consumption = Total Solar units generated for the billing period – total exported units + total imported units + Total units of your previous meter

Hope the above explanation would have helped you in understand your bill better. Congratulations and thank you for going solar.

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