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December 31, 2019

Summer & Solar – Reduce Your BSES Bills By Going Solar

Summer has arrived and so has the scorching heat outside. Delhi has both extreme winters as well as, extreme summers. Our memories of summer are not only accompanied by sweet mangoes but also long power cuts and huge electricity bills from BSES.

Getting rid of this involves getting your very own rooftop solar system. You must have heard a lot about the rooftop solar system from your friends, family, and colleagues. Opting for a solar roof will not only make you stand out in a crowd but that also means that you are smart enough to save money from your electricity bill and taking an initiative towards creating a green environment. Needless to say, the environment of Delhi is getting polluted with each passing day and it is our prime responsibility to give our future generation a clean environment.

The solar energy system is of three types:

  1. On-grid
  2. Off-grid and
  3. Hybrid

The on-grid system is pocket-friendly as compared to the other two systems and does not require battery hence, no need to spend on the purchase and the maintenance of the battery.

In Delhi, we have almost 300 sunny days which, clearly means a lot of sunlight is available. This sunlight is absorbed by the photovoltaic cells attached to the solar panel, which in turn converts it into electrical energy.

The solar cells combine to form a solar panel and many such solar panels together constitute the solar array. The solar cells present on the solar array will absorb the sunlight, which will convert it into electrical energy. The current flows from Direct current distribution box to inverter, which converts direct current into alternating current. This is connected to a solar meter and net-meter. The flow of electricity is bidirectional depending on the consumption and requirement of electricity.

An on-grid system produces solar power and supplies it into the grid. If you are consuming power at that point in time, you need to consume that much less from the grid. If you are not consuming power, this gets fed into the grid and you derive a benefit for the units generated in your electricity bills!!!..Contact us today for your own installation.

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