Why are sustainable schools important?
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April 9, 2022

Why are sustainable schools important?

The goal of education is long-term development and making young people prepared for the future. When schools take ownership of their own development, they do better. Schools should make their own decisions about how to incorporate sustainable development into their ethos, day-to-day operations, and education for sustainable development. It also sets an example for young students about the importance of sustainability.

Sustainable schools can contribute to sustainable development. They demonstrate the application of good practices that may be duplicated at various levels, with a heavy focus on ‘learning by doing.’ Schools can support the cause of sustainable development in order to have a good impact on communities and the environment. School sustainability policies can reinforce what is taught in the classroom about sustainability, reduce the school’s carbon footprint, and improve public relations with the community.

Schools no longer operate in isolation. There is a need to incorporate the notion of sustainability into the educational system. Like installation of solar rooftop plants can be part of a sustainable school project that will not only help them become more energy independent, but will also save money on their electricity bills and earn additional revenue via net-metering that allows customers who generate their own electricity from solar power to sell the electricity they aren’t using back into the grid. Schools are going solar like Delhi Public school which has gone completely solar in several of its campuses and the TDI school and SD school in Haryana. Further, Delhi government has solarized over 200 schools across the city of Delhi. Kendriya Vidyalaya and also many schools in Delhi have entered into agreement to solarize schools in Delhi. There are many colleges as well who have installed solar like Amity University, IIT Kharagpur, Delhi University (DU). Solar initiatives undertaken by the educational institutions are setting a good example for the rest of the country.

Also, countries like the United Arab Emirates have taken initiatives that aim to lower the country’s environmental footprint and shift environmental education from knowledge to action. Without addressing the vital link between educational progress and a sustainable learning environment, the plan of action for people, the earth, and prosperity will fall short.


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