Reduce your electricity bills by up to 70% by installing a solar rooftop plant on your vacant school/college rooftop area
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June 2, 2022

Reduce your electricity bills by up to 70% by installing a solar rooftop plant on your vacant school/college rooftop area

As a school, you must be concerned about rising electricity prices. Solar gives you the option of utilizing your empty rooftop area to develop a solar plant and reduce your electricity consumption. 

Oakridge brings over 10 years of experience in enabling schools to go solar and reduce their electricity bills. We can install solar in various areas –  

  1. Roof Mount Solar Installation- Schools are equipped with plenty of roof space in which solar panels can be installed. 
  2. Parking Lot Solar Canopy- Schools can install solar panels on top of shade structures in their parking lots to collect solar energy while also sheltering cars from the sun’s heat.
  3. Pole Mount Solar Installation- They can be installed on the ground or on the sides of buildings through pole mounts. 
  4. Ground Mount Solar Installation- These are attached to metal stands and placed on flat outdoor surfaces, such as an open field. 
  5. Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems-

    This type of solar panel system is built right into the structure of a building. 

How your school/college/institution can benefit from installing solar panels on their school premises:

  • Lower Electricity Bills Every Month

Electricity prices are increasing every year and will continue to do so in the coming years. As a result, by investing in a solar energy system now, one may lock in the price of electricity that must be paid now, avoiding future increases in electricity expenses. Schools typically have extensive roof areas, making solar panel installation simple. While the initial cost of installing such panels is slightly greater, you will see significant savings over time. With a solar panel system, you’ll generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifespan.  Installing solar energy in schools can support all daily activities that the school sees, and even store extra energy to sell back to the grid.

  • Fight Power Cuts Efficiently

During power cuts, the school’s schedule can easily get disrupted if there is a power outage. Moreover, using technological appliances like computers, projectors, and smartboards to impart knowledge. And if the power supply stops suddenly, this can be a major problem, wasting both the teachers’ and students’ time. However, with solar panel installation, schools can avoid this issue as they won’t be dependent on the grid anymore. Whether you go for off-grid or on-grid solar power systems, you will get steady and reliable power all day long.

  • The Community Benefit

Schools are important to every community because they provide a space for people to learn and grow. When a school installs solar panels and sustainable energy, it sets a precedent for the rest of the community to follow. Solar energy also reduces the building’s dependency on conventional power sources. Schools can devote their finances to other objectives, such as better instructional programs or community improvement projects, by lowering power expenses. During the vacations, additional electricity generated on the grid might be used by other users in schools. So, in addition to lowering carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, schools will be able to minimize community reliance. The community’s entire carbon footprint will go down with each passing year.

  • More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

There are huge environmental benefits to making the change to solar energy. Most of the electricity that is used at the moment is produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal and gas, and these are contributing to the pollution of our planet. By switching to solar energy, your school can help to keep our earth safe for us and future generations. Solar panels for schools help to minimize pollution and carbon emissions. Solar panels can help to reduce reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels and the grid. As long as they have access to sunlight, they can create their own electricity.

  • More enrollments in Schools 

Students nowadays understand why the environment must be safeguarded. As a result, by installing solar panels for school usage, you will be able to attract the attention of individuals concerned with environmental issues such as carbon emissions, pollution, and the greenhouse effect. This also gives students an advantage when choosing between two schools with similar appeal. Furthermore, schools and colleges are connected with innovation, thus having the most up-to-date, carbon-conscious, and efficient kind of energy would undoubtedly establish trust that a school is actually innovative. Additionally, students or parents who are unaware of the need of environmental stewardship may become aware and choose your school over others.

  • Minimal Maintenance Charges

Solar Panels from reputable manufacturers are built to withstand extreme temperature changes, severe showers, and natural disasters. If the weather in your area is typically mild, solar panels could last two decades or longer. All you have to do is check up on them now and again and clear off any debris.

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