The use of solar energy as a way to reduce environmental damage
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June 28, 2022

The use of solar energy as a way to reduce environmental damage

Renewable Energy is the energy that is procured from natural resources. This type of energy is replenished at a faster rate than it is consumed and also does not run out. Solar energy is one of the types of renewable energy methods, including win

d energy, hydropower, ocean energy, and bioenergy. These renewable energy methods surround us and are in abundance in nature. Solar energy is using the sun as an energy source i.e. it helps in generating the renewable source of electricity by using the light from the sun. This energy method plays a very important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and it also helps in mitigating climate change and imp

roves the air quality as well. Thus, it plays a very critical role in protecting the environment. It is the most dependable and secure renewable energy method which has the potential to provide for the nation’s power demand.

In comparison to electricity generation from fossil fuels, solar energy is good for the environment as it mitigates air pollution and prevents the environmental damage caused by fossil fuels like acid rains and smog. Also, solar energy produces zero carbon emissions and the manufacturing process produces less than 15% of carbon dioxide as well. The carbon footprints are caused by the use of fossil fuels as well which is reduced by solar energy as it is one of the cleanest forms of energy.

Water conservation is another factor that provides an upper edge to solar. This is because solar panels require very little water and hence preserve the clean water sources which will lead to the usage of cleaner water. Solar energy is sustainable as well, it runs on sunlight and hence does not require any finite resources from the environment and large lands for processing. It provides electricity without consuming the resources of the future. Hence, when the traditional sources of energy are replaced by solar energy, the planet will be protected and the future will be bright.

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