Solar Water Pumps: Revolutionizing India’s Agricultural Sector
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September 1, 2022

Solar Water Pumps: Revolutionizing India’s Agricultural Sector

Most of India’s GDP comes from the agricultural sector, but farmers in rural India cannot meet their basic needs. Almost every state in India does not provide farmers with 24/7 power supply. Power supply to farmers is regulated in eight-hour shifts and tends to be unstable. Therefore, farmers have no control over the power sources they have available. This causes the water pump to operate all day, irrigating the fields each time power is supplied. It often leads to flooding of the fields. This makes a wasteful irrigation method, especially in India, which faces severe water shortages. For example, solar water pumps that allow farmers to control their water and electricity supplies can also help strengthen groundwater protection.

In many states, agricultural power connections are also not measured, resulting in system inefficiencies such as theft and power transmission and distribution (T & D) losses, which are summarized as agricultural losses. In addition, rising electricity prices for agricultural consumers add to the challenges posed by the general stress already facing the agricultural sector.

If the net meter solar water pump is successful, it can reduce agricultural electricity consumption from the grid, thereby reducing ongoing subsidies to the agricultural sector and improving farmers’ energy access. Solar pumps are power independent and may be a viable alternative to speeding up development in the agricultural sector. It is also environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy efficient compared to traditional water pumps.

Solar pumps are changing the landscape of agriculture better and bringing grace and happiness to farmers. How they are revolutionizing agriculture:

  • Remote reliability: The main advantage of solar water heating is remote reliability. Solar pumps can efficiently extract and operate water, even if the nearest transformer is miles away from the Solar pumps use the energy of the sun to power the pumping process, even in rural villages behind them without utility poles.
  • Easy to transport and move: Solar water pumps are lightweight, uncomplicated devices designed to be easy to carry. You can quickly move to where you need it anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is a valuable product for farmers who can bring it to the irrigation site.
  • Eco-friendly: Solar water pumps are an important step towards the transition as people are exploring the transition from fuel and electricity to solar power.
  • Energy efficiency: Solar water heaters are the only option in places without electricity. Modern solar water heating pumps have the potential to replace all electric or fuel driven water pumps. These pumps run on the energy of the sun instead of burning a lot of money, saving farmers a lot of money.
  • Long-term profitability: Solar water heaters have proven to be long-term profitable, even though the installation fees for solar water heaters may seem high. Because it relies on renewable energy, it never runs out of energy, and you can use a pump that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, against the weather and with minimal
  • Save a lot of electricity: Saving energy is beneficial to the whole country. The agricultural sector consumes a significant proportion of the country’s total electricity. Switching to a solar water pump can save a lot of electrical energy by moving away from the grid.

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