Solar Panels and Regenerative Farming: Powerful pairing for sustainability


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Solar Panels and Regenerative Farming: Powerful pairing for sustainability

October 19, 2022

Solar Energy is technologically advanced to the point that in today’s time, solar panels can be installed on a farm…

Why is it the need of the hour to prevent waste from being dumped into oceans?

October 7, 2022

On earth, about 70% is water and all the water bodies like oceans, seas play an essential role in human lives.…

The Renewable Energy Methods: Use of Solar Energy as a way to reduce Environmental Damage

September 30, 2022

Renewable Energy is the energy that is procured from natural resources. This type of energy is replenished at a faster…

How does Solar PV work with Farming?

September 22, 2022

Solar Energy is energy being generated from the sun, the sunlight is converted into electrical or thermal energy through the…

New Technologies in Solar Energy

September 13, 2022

Solar Energy generates energy using the light from the sun. Solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy that can be…

Empowering Rural Communities: Renewable Energy for the Future

September 7, 2022

India is mainly a rural country. About 70% of the 1.2 billion people live in more than 600,000 villages. However,…

Solar Water Pumps: Revolutionizing India’s Agricultural Sector

September 1, 2022

Most of India's GDP comes from the agricultural sector, but farmers in rural India cannot meet their basic needs. Almost…

India and Energy Demand

August 30, 2022

India is the third largest energy consumer in the world, due to rising incomes and rising living standards. Energy usage…

Green Computing

August 23, 2022

Green Computing is also known as Green Information Technology or Sustainable Information Technology. As the name suggests, it means using…

Solar Energy: A key to Climate Solution

August 12, 2022

Energy consumption changes rapidly. But to stop the rise in global temperatures, we need to make a faster transition to…